3D designer/maker - Upcycling by Design since 2002

I have been a designer/craftsman for many years mostly in wood using native and recycled timbers - now using other materials - copper and brass which I source myself.

More recently with these new materials and new inspiration has developed signage from reclaimed copper, oak and 'Trespa' exterior cladding. From house signs - now moving onto shop signage and door furniture.

I have made furniture in the Japanese ‘tensu’ style wonderful for its simple and balanced design and respect the works of Richard Buckminster Fuller he of the geodesic dome and ‘synergy’. He it was who introduced me to ‘structures of least effort’ (energy and materials), which is how ‘natural’ organisms, are constructed. So I find it interesting and a challenge to avoid square joints and the usual methods of construction which are the hallmark of ‘man’ and to design pieces with a more efficient construct.

I designed the 'reel rocker' back in 2002 hence my first website reelfurniture.co.uk - so chairs, tables and tree seats inspired by cable reels. I used the construction method of the original and use tie bars (excepting tree seat) to create furniture that can be delivered flat-pack and assembled in minutes. The designs originate from their modern industrial roots and retain the same simplicity of form and function using complimentary materials. It is contemporary in respect to our concern over timber resources, climate change and the fact that it survives both in and outside the home thereby fulfilling the new ‘exterior rooms’ lifestyle.

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